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Misti Love, Gentilly

Misty and Gentilly are sitting around playing strip poker when they are getting naked together. Gentilly is the first one to get naked and Misti can barely handle it. She pushes her down on the bed and dives right into that chocolate pussy. As Misti sends Gentilly straight to heaven, she gets off on eating her wet pussy. Gentilly goes right after Misti's pussy by rubbing it and getting her nice and wet so they can fuck. The girls take turns giving each other hot clitty licking as they fuck and finger one another. As Misti shoves her finger deep into Gentilly's cunt, Gentilly rubs her hot slit for some extra stimulation.

Comments(0) 18 March 2014, 2:49 pm

Tamara Lemoure, Sandi Jackmon

Sandi and Tamara want us to take our dicks out and enjoy the view of these two hot black lesbians going at it, licking from head to toe, but especially the toe part! Sandi goes right after Tamara's feet, kissing and caressing them, and then licking the arches and sucking on her toes. After that loving foot bath, she moves up to her dripping wet snatch, sliding her tongue in and out of her hole, and between her pussy lips around her clit. She fucks her wet pussy with a vibrator, and then Tamara goes to work on her body, licking her feet and then banging her own pussy. There's nothing but beautiful ebony babes here and tons of loud orgasms!

Comments(0) 7 March 2014, 8:54 am

Chloe, Rochelle

The two friends started kissing in the kitchen as they rubbed their hands all over one another. Then they slowly undressed each other to reveal their sexy titties and round asses. The beautiful lesbians then began to make out as they rubbed their tits together. Then they grabbed a double dildo and each girl began sucking on each end of it. Before they used the double dong, the brunette went down and started lapping up the blonde's pussy. Then she bent her over the kitchen stool and started fucking her from behind with a strapon dildo. Eventually the girls stuffed the double dildo into each of their twats and fucked an end of it.

Comments(0) 20 January 2014, 2:34 am

Sara Vandella, Alexis Grace

Scorching brunette knockout, Alexis Grace confronts her hot friend, Sara Vandella about her own boyfriend lusting after her and she's not too happy about it. But Sara reassures her that it's all good because she's into sweeties...especially Alexis! After kissing in the car, they move the action over to the couch, where Sara parks her tongue inside of Alexis' juicy cooter and licks and laps until Alexis cums herself. Letting her freak flag fly, Alexis pays the same favor back to Sarah by opening up her slit and using her mouth and fingers to suck and pull on Sara's vag lips. It's a win-win!

Comments(0) 27 December 2013, 12:04 pm

Pleasure Bunny, Ms. Goddess

These two black sistas are enjoying some rays out on the deck. One of the girls is bitching to her friend that her man just doesn't give it to her enough anymore, and that her pussy is dripping wet and really needs some penetration. The busty friend walks up behind her, making her start as she reaches around to cup her breasts and nuzzle her neck. The girls move inside, where the busty girl puts on a strapon, telling the sex starved friend to bend over. She slowly enters her from behind with the pink, thick dildo, placing one hand gently on her lower back while she begins to thrust in and out in rhythmic fashion. She gives it to her good!

Comments(0) 11 December 2013, 11:11 pm

Mone Divine, Adrianna DeMarco

A light-skinned black babe and her darker-skinned girlfriend get down and dirty on a hot leather couch in this explicit girl on girl action. These babes use their tongues, lips and fingertips to warm each other up and then out come the sex toys which they also put to good use.

Comments(0) 30 October 2013, 11:11 am

Samone Taylor, Gorgeouz

Check out this incredible movie featuring lesbian ebony goddesses Samone Taylor and Gorgeouz! These two hotties are sex personified, with each girl performing an erotic strip for the other before they get hardcore on the sofa. The bodies on these babes are completely incredible and their cunts are totally shaved. These girls both look like they are barely out of school, and yet they've got fantastic boobs! They lick each others' pussies and then take turns plugging each other with a large red dildo. It's an extremely thick and long piece, and neither girl can take the whole thing inside her tight cunt. That doesn't stop them cumming

Comments(0) 6 October 2013, 6:18 pm

Angel Black, Jessica Right

There's just something especially erotically charged about watching two sexy girls of different races getting sexual - watching the black and white skin rubbing together, breasts mashing against one another in passion. A gorgeous brunette and her petite ebony girlfriend put on a little lesbian performance for the camera in this hot interracial girl on girl vid. They strip off one after another, doing a slow and provocative striptease for the viewer, then they join one another on the couch. They kiss tenderly, then more heatedly, and tear off one another's clothes. Soon they are locked in a frenzied 69, licking each others' sopping pussies.

Comments(0) 21 August 2013, 9:04 pm

Janessa, Alexandra Belle

Janessa has one awfully strange request for her new in-house chef, Alexandra. She would love her personal cook to whip up something that tastes like pussy! At first, Alexandra is confused, because she's never tasted pussy before, but wily Janessa quickly lifts up her hot pink skirt and motions for her to stick her finger in her hungry cunt. Soon, Alexandra is addicted to the unique blend of stank juice and fuck spice that is PUSSY! She can't believe how hot Janessa's curvy body is, from her giant rack to her irresistible pink snatch. Tonight's course features double-headed dildo fucking with a side of flicked beans!

Comments(0) 11 August 2013, 10:34 am

Dark Black Lesbians Licking Pussy

Vanity Cruz and Hershey are dark chocolate lesbians - their skin is smooth and mysterious, and they carry themselves like Nubian goddesses. That's fitting I suppose, given all of the mind blowing things they are about to be doing here. The first is when Hershey starts bouncing her big black ass all over the place. This phat ass is just amazing, and I love seeing her going to town with it. Then Vanity starts playing with her tits, getting her pussy nice and wet. By the time this pair are done with each other, they are so fucking worn out that every little bit of motion against their pussies gets them into another orgasm.

Comments(0) 18 July 2013, 1:49 am

Sweet Dark Carpet Munchers with Perky Tits

Athletic dark lesbos are hot as hell, and you get to see Caramel toning up her arms before she goes in to see Oasis Star. Her body looks great overall, so you can tell that she spends a lot of time working out. Oasis comes up to her and watches that firm ebony lesbo body. She could just eat that cunt right up, but they manage to contain themselves until they get back to Oasis Star's room. Then it's time for a good dark dyke bang that will leave you breathless with its intensity. There's nothing like watching these perky tit lesbians going at each other.

Comments(0) 10 June 2013, 8:41 pm

Two Lusty Brunette Lesbians Fucking

Krista and Gina were sitting around the table and running their hands all over each others' bodies. The girls start to get nude and run their tongues over each others' nipples. One of the girls goes down on the others' hot pussy as she buries her face in her snatch. She's licking up her twat while giving her a good fingering. Then the girls swap places and the other girl goes down. They each take turns kissing and licking pussy. They're playing with a strand of pearls that they're stuffing in their twats and slowly pulling out. They pull out a vibrator in which the girls proceed to shove it inside each other.

Comments(0) 1 June 2013, 6:18 pm

Two Lesbian Coeds Play Kinky Games

Jandi was horny and she had only one thing on her mind and that was Emma's slot! So she went over to the chilling beauty and started kissing her toes. That immediately woke Emma up and they started kissing as Jandi ran her hands up and down Emma's body. Jandi sucked and bit on Emma's nipples, causing them to become fully erect. Then she rubbed her slit with her hand, making Emma completely aroused. Jandi teased Emma's cooter a bit and then gave her some spanking on her anus. This only aroused Emma further and then Emma went down to lap up Jandi's wet twat. The sweeties took turns licking each other until they both orgasmed.

Comments(0) 27 April 2013, 11:34 am

Hot Lesbians Alissa Ashley And Laurie Anne Summers Fuck

Let me tell you about Alissa & Laurie Ann. I saw their pussies and became an instant fan. They have juicy lips and dripping clits and don't forget those oh so natural tits!

Comments(0) 26 April 2013, 6:04 pm

Naughty Black Girls Fucking Ass To Ass

These black bad girls are desperate for pleasure! They begin the scene with one girl bent over the edge of the couch while the other girl fingers her holes from the back. She almost fists the girl, stretching her tight pink pussy right out with her hands. Then the girls get out a pair of dildos, taking turns to plug each others' moist, shaved holes. They are moaning like crazy while they fuck each other, desperate to cum. Then they pull out a new toy, a massive, purple, double ended dildo. They go ass to ass, slapping their firm buttocks together while they pleasure each other with the double ended dong. What filthy lesbian sluts!

Comments(0) 23 April 2013, 2:49 am

Horny Black Lesbos Going At It

Madison Luv, Jeanna Pinkett, and Jezabelle Sweets are some of the hottest black lesbians that I've seen for a long time, and they certainly know how to get kinky with each other. They are rubbing and licking all over each other before they even get all of their clothes off. Their big ebony asses are bouncing around all over the place, and they are also whipping out the toys to make this even more interesting. I think one of the best is the double ended dildo that they started fucking around with - it's damn hot for sure.

Comments(0) 8 April 2013, 6:41 pm

Hot Black Chicks Fuck With A Vibrator

These college aged black cuties have a thirst that can only be quenched by another ebony hottie, because they want to feel the warmth and taste the sweetness of each other's fuck boxes. Royalty and Ginger giggle seductively as they remove each other's clothes to feast on their nipples and then their pussies. Tongues and fingers are used to warm each other up, and then when it's time to bang these holes, they bring out some fun toys to get the job done. The vibrators work their way in and out of each other's snatches, making the gorgeous black lesbians moan and scream until their pussies quiver from the explosive orgasm they give each other.

Comments(0) 1 April 2013, 3:41 am

Two Lesbian Lovers Share Their Sex Life

Lucy and Flame are lesbian girlfriends who give an open look into their sex lives. They are both interviewed for awhile about their sexuality and then the girls start to kiss passionately. Flame undresses Lucy and starts licking and kissing down her body. She sucks on her nipples, getting them nice and erect. Flame licks and fondles Lucy's legs and every inch of them making love to her. Finally they get Lucy out of her jeans and Flame starts to lap up her pussy and makes her see stars. After awhile it's Lucy's turn to munch rug and she starts to eat Flame's snatch like it was chocolate flavored, giving her a good orgasm.

Comments(0) 27 March 2013, 4:34 pm

Tasty Black Ho Inducted Into Lesbianism

These horny black lesbians need to cum! This particular girl is complaining to her girlfriend that she just can't get any dick, and she hasn't had an orgasm for weeks. Her girlfriend, who is a closet lesbian and who has been admiring the sexy young thing for a long time, uses this is her opportunity to get stuck into the nubile black babe. She leads her inside, where they strip naked on the couch and she begins to induct her athletic friend into the ways of ebony lesbianism. They kiss passionately, and then lesbian girl goes down on her friend, teasing and licking her tight cunt before she pulls out a dildo and begins to fuck her new lover.

Comments(0) 11 March 2013, 8:04 pm

Frankie Vargas, Krystal Jordan

Krystal is looking for a roommate to share her new house with her. Frankie is needing a place to stay but doesn't have any money. Frankie is thinking of another way to pay Krystal for the room as they both start to lay out in the sun. Krystal and Frankie gets talking and Krystal admits that she's a full blown lesbo and will only fuck girls, but Frankie has only had one experience and would like to try it again. So Krystal starts rubbing her perky titties and showing her just what the benefits are of being with a woman. They kiss and fondle some more and then finally Krystal goes down and fingers and laps up Frankie's pussy.

Comments(0) 21 February 2013, 1:11 pm

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