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Ninety Nine, Amile Waters

Damn - hot black girls getting nasty with each other, what could be better? In this lesbian scene, dirty black bitches Ninety Nine and Amille strip off separately in a bikini style shoot. One girl a lighter skinned, mulatto type, looking gorgeous in stockings and ridiculously high platforms, while the other is thicker and blacker - and she looks equally hot once she's covered in baby oil! Then the girls get together, licking each other all over and then moving down to some serious oral pleasure. They fuck each other with their favorite toys and get worked up to a sticky climax with their best double ended dildo, both riding it to orgasm.

Comments(0) 9 June 2015, 10:28 am

Ariana Grand, Savannah Fyre

Classy MILF, Savannah Fyre just split with her husband and is taking advantage of her newly single life to indulge in her craven carpet muncher desires! After inviting over the beautiful Ariana Grand, they start madly kissing and fondling each others' sexy-butt bodies. Being the more experienced half, Ariana eats out Savannah's hungry cooter and makes this housewife squeal with newfound pleasure! Then, things get really passionate when the babes decide to break out a pink rubber dick dildo and take turns shoving it in their twats!

Comments(0) 7 June 2015, 3:41 pm

Melanie Scott, Veronica Vasquez

Two beautiful women like Melanie Scott and Veronica Vasquez bump and grind up and down each other like two kittens after the same treat. These pussies draw each other in like catnip as they get all entangled in each other. Their pussies rub together in a dry hump that gets them both begging for more. Some bootylicious asses like these practically call out for some tongue tickle treatment and both these kitty cats are more than willing to oblige. They lick each other in turn and then start finger fucking as they continue to bump and grind each other. These hot ass girls get to dripping with orgasm and kiss to calm down.

Comments(0) 30 May 2015, 8:54 am

Alissa Ashley, Laurie Anne Summers

Let me tell you about Alissa & Laurie Ann. I saw their pussies and became an instant fan. They have juicy lips and dripping clits and don't forget those oh so natural tits!

Comments(0) 8 May 2015, 12:34 pm

Lana Croft, Leilani

A sexy striptease and some pussy petting by the pool is all that it takes to get Lana Croft in the mood for something wet. She spreads her legs and pussy wide and Leilani picks up where she left off. Leilani is one super sexy Asian beauty and she knows how to strut her stuff. Each is hotter than the other and when you put them together, things start scorching! They lick and kiss each other all over. These girls go down on one another in turn and then the action reaches the pool. You would think this would cool them off, but not quite. This just gets so hot the water starts boiling and they keep licking each other clean.

Comments(0) 7 May 2015, 1:18 pm

Aidra Fox, Ashlyn Molloy

Two smoking hot whores, Aidra Fox and Ashlyn Molly are chatting it up when Aidra leaves to do her make-up. Having the hots for her friend, Ashlyn reaches in Aidra's things and finds her sexy white lacy underwear and squishes it against her nose and deeply inhales Aidra's leftover pussy aroma! Suddenly, Aidra walks and sees Ashlyn fiddling her slit with HER lingerie! But Aidra isn't mad...she's rather turned on so she leans in for a sensual kiss and lets Ashlyn explore her hot body with her curious hands. Stripping off her dress, Aidra backs her delicious anus crack in Ashlyn's face and moans as Ashlyn totally cleans her both her starving fuckholes.

Comments(0) 18 April 2015, 3:49 pm

Dillion Harper, Kiera Winters

Two of the hottest teens you'll see today, Dillion Harper and Kiera Winters just came home from a party and they're brimming with sexual tension. Kiera admits her crush for Dillion and they join their lips together in a wild, sensual kiss. Kiera takes off Dillion's top and starts rubbing her perky boobs with her tongue. Then Kiera slowly removes Dillion's tights and worships that perfectly firm teen kiss. Before you know it, these brunette angels are eating out each others' shaved beavers and even scissor-banging each other until both their juicy cunts have been fingered and pleasured to the heights of orgasm and then some! Don't blink!

Comments(0) 14 April 2015, 6:04 am

Jenny, Alexis

The very first clue on how to tell if these horny lesbians are truly getting their rocks off is checking out their hard nipples. Jenny's are so hard, you could could diamonds with those pokies. Just like you, Jenny adores tits. Watch her lovingly administer a sweet suckling to Alexis' perfect natural tits. These girls are so wildly smoking hot, that it's impossible not to follow their every move with frenzied anticipation. For some reason though, these carpet-munching honeys love nothing more than licking each others' assholes! I'm not talking about a few errant licks here and there, no siree bob, these vixens are up to their eyeballs in it. (literally!)

Comments(0) 19 January 2015, 2:49 am

Stacie Lane, Delotta Brown

Delotta and Stacy are filming a video for the website so that they can make some extra money and they have brought along with them a variety of toys to play with. Stacy starts to rub a vibrating bullet along her pussy and with the help of Delotta's tongue, she gets all wet and horny. After awhile of plugging different vibrators in her pussy, Stacy gets off and Delotta starts rubbing her own pussy. Both of the girls cum but they want more. They shove a huge black dildo inside Delotta's pussy and slide it in and out of her hot chocolate snatch. After awhile both of the girls insert the double dong inside them and fuck each other.

Comments(0) 24 December 2014, 5:34 am

Ariel X, Sophia Young

Sophia is Ariel's employee and she has really screwed up at work. Ariel gives her a stern warning in her office and is just about to fire Sophia. Sophia begs for another shot and Ariel agrees to give her one in the lounge after work. They start going over work details when Ariel decides she needs to show Sophia more attention and guidance. So she attends to her and guides her by getting her naked and sucking on her nipples. Ariel then goes down and starts to lap up that fresh cunt that is in her face. She gives Sophia several minutes of heaven before finally shoving two fingers in deeply in her young cunt and giving her a spanking.

Comments(0) 17 December 2014, 5:28 am

Alyssa Reese, Sophia Leigh

I could seriously watch Alyssa Reece, premier lesbian seductress, canoodle her way into any of her cute girlfriends' panties any day! Today's catch is a beautiful ginger bitch by the name of Sophia Leigh. The two girls are shooting the shit about prada purses and such, when Alyssa blurts out that a new fancy bag from Sophia's boutique could really help Alyssa pick up more chicks! Much to Sophia's surprise, Alyssa leans over and the two angels share a passionate kiss. Mark another one for the home team. They both remove each others' sexy miniskirts off and giggle as they grope each others' lovely tits and ass. Watch Sophia wince and moan as Alyssa eats out her juicy twat for the first time ever!

Comments(0) 12 November 2014, 1:34 am

Trinity Post, Lori Vargas

Latina Beauty Lori Vargas is one curvy mamacita. Her bountiful booty jiggles while she struts her stuff. Trista Post is one petite and fiery chick. When these girls get together, it is like watching fireworks go off. The sexy curves from Lori are a horny contrast to Trista's petite frame. They bump, they grind and they lick each other's slits. These eager beavers can't get enough of each other. When Trista spreads Lori's hairy pussy wide, she can't help but munch her carpet. These girls moan and purr and lap each other juices up like thirsty kitties while their titties bounce and jiggle. Some pussy humping and both reach wet climax.

Comments(0) 13 October 2014, 10:54 pm

Maya, Lerika

Comments(0) 13 September 2014, 11:54 pm

Raylene, Christie Stevens

Holy Bang, these two models are total and complete bombshells! Brunette Raylene and her super hot friend, Christie Stevens are being all coy, rubbing each others' swollen hooters when things take a perverted turn! Cupping Christie's angelic face in her hands, Raylene leans in and shoves her tongue in Christie's mouth, with one hand fondling her breast. The skin-firm dresses start to peel away, exposing hot pink underwear. Raylene actually complains that Christie's hole is too tight to finger! But eventually, after eating her asshole nice and good, Raylene's able to get some real twat penetration through. Do not miss the hot scissor pumping!

Comments(0) 22 August 2014, 9:18 am

Sammie Rhodes, Andie Valentino

Slender and young brunette Andie Valentino is lying on her bed reading a magazine when she is joined by lingerie clad blond Sammie Rhodes. Both of these sweeties are a sight for sore eyes; girl quality tarts, barely clad in some extremely skimpy thongs! The sweeties lay the magazine to one side as Sammie demands oral pleasure from young Andie. The two beauties take turns tasting each others' slits before Andie pulls out a slim metal rubber dick, parting Sammie's pussy lips and slaming it right inside. The two divas take turns wielding the dildo as they lick each others' twats simultaneously in an extremely sexy 69 - what a couple of womans!

Comments(0) 21 July 2014, 5:34 pm

Caramel, Pebbles, Flame Of Desire

Four black whores get busy with each other on the couch in this lesbo gangbang movie. Two divas lie back at first while the other two start licking and sucking at their slits, getting them moist juicy before the enormous array of sexy toys come out. All the babes grab a toy and start working each other, pumping each others' holes and stretching them right out. It's no holes barred and assholes are getting pummeled as well as juicy slits. The babes moan louder and louder, each deep thrust spurring the girls to even nastier heights of carpet muncher filth. All the babes have just made each other jizz when their stud walks in and lays it down.

Comments(0) 10 July 2014, 6:18 pm

Summer Solstice, Lucy Fire

Okay Summer Solstice was born to stand out. Her long and flowing bright red hair perfectly silhouettes her sexy stare. She slowly strips and shakes that petite ass of hers and crouches down like a feline ready to pounce. Enter Lucy Fire in her red Lingerie and thigh high stockings and it's no wonder that they have to get together. They kiss, fondle and rub each other down and you are trapped within their web. Blindfolds and a cat of nine tails and these girls make you want to get in between them. There's no space however, because soon they are Licking each other's pussies and moaning as they each start dripping with orgasm.

Comments(0) 24 June 2014, 8:54 pm

Lilly Banks, Sara Luvv

Brace yourself for you're about to see two of the cutest, sweetest and freshest college sluts ever! Lilly Banks is a blond sweetheart come down from the heavens and Sara Luvv is an almond-eyed darling. These college slut dreams start off kissing right away with Sara gently removing Sara's hot pink bra and dancing her tongue along Lilly's perky gumdrop knockers. She lets out a gasp of pleasure as Sara twirls her lips around her nipples. Now it's Lilly's turn! After slipping off Sara's colorful panties, she makes Sara yelp and swoon just by rubbing her tongue out, gently caressing her young pussy lips. These two super sexy coeds just don't know when to stop!

Comments(0) 4 May 2014, 6:54 am

Jodi Taylor, Lilith Lust

What starts out as innocent and cute sorority initiation ends up in hot and sensual carpet muncher fucking! Jodi Taylor takes off Lilith Lust's blindfold and pulls down her shirt and sucks on Lilith's perfect rack of cannons. As Jodi is licking her nipples, she grinds her naked coochie on Lilith's thighs, leaving her cute beaver scent smeared on her legs. Then, Jodi works her way down south until her tongue is darting in and out of Lilith's pink fuckhole. They continue to make each other cream the bed by licking twat in a hot 69 position! This is a finger-pounding, twat-licking dyke bonanza with two absolutely gorgeous sweeties! Not to be missed!

Comments(0) 4 May 2014, 3:13 am

Amina Amore, Kylie Haze

Amina is outside waiting for her friends who don't seem to be coming by, so she stops Kylie and asks her if she can use her phone. She calls her friends but she still can't get ahold of them so Kylie offers Amina to come to her house to wait for her friends and use her phone there. As Amina waits on the couch, the girls get to know each other. Kylie invites Amina to take shower to cool off because she is so hot. As Amina is in the shower, Kylie gets undressed and decides to slip in the shower with her. Amina doesn't protest and the girls start to kiss under the water. They play with one another in the shower until they both get pleasured.

Comments(0) 11 April 2014, 1:49 am

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