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Alyssa Reese, Sophia Leigh

I could seriously watch Alyssa Reece, premier lesbian seductress, canoodle her way into any of her cute girlfriends' panties any day! Today's catch is a beautiful ginger bitch by the name of Sophia Leigh. The two girls are shooting the shit about prada purses and such, when Alyssa blurts out that a new fancy bag from Sophia's boutique could really help Alyssa pick up more chicks! Much to Sophia's surprise, Alyssa leans over and the two angels share a passionate kiss. Mark another one for the home team. They both remove each others' sexy miniskirts off and giggle as they grope each others' lovely tits and ass. Watch Sophia wince and moan as Alyssa eats out her juicy twat for the first time ever!

Comments(0) 12 November 2014, 1:34 am

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