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Aidra Fox, Ashlyn Molloy

Two smoking hot whores, Aidra Fox and Ashlyn Molly are chatting it up when Aidra leaves to do her make-up. Having the hots for her friend, Ashlyn reaches in Aidra's things and finds her sexy white lacy underwear and squishes it against her nose and deeply inhales Aidra's leftover pussy aroma! Suddenly, Aidra walks and sees Ashlyn fiddling her slit with HER lingerie! But Aidra isn't mad...she's rather turned on so she leans in for a sensual kiss and lets Ashlyn explore her hot body with her curious hands. Stripping off her dress, Aidra backs her delicious anus crack in Ashlyn's face and moans as Ashlyn totally cleans her both her starving fuckholes.

Comments(0) 18 April 2015, 3:49 pm

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